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Welcome Home Non-Yaoi Fans! :) <- FOR OUR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS! <3 Emoticon: Hug by KuroiRaine

Notable Activities Concerning The Actual LGBTA Community:…

*Dates for events vary per country. :D

Group Notices: <- FOR OUR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS! <3 :cuddle:

*First off we apply the same rules to the yuri genres, they are not exempt here. We just want to emphasize not liking yaoi, shounen ai, or slash at the forefront b/c quite frankly it's everywhere and in everything, while yuri is not. :hmm:

1.) Anti-Yaoi does not in any way, shape, or form mean 'Homophobic' or 'Anti-Gay'. There is always going to be someone to misconstrue the two. If you've ever read yaoi, slash, or shounen ai, then you'd know that they have syndromes such as big hands, a seme chin, uke eyes, the list could go on and on. We're pretty sure real life gay men don't have any of those weird features as far as we know. And real life homosexual relationships aren't always, "Oooooh, I love you kawaii desu desu sugoi!" :XD:

No. Just, no. There's a huge difference. Plus, they're fictional characters within anime/manga/other media. It doesn't mean anything in regards to real people in real life. :no:

2.) For people who come visit the group and don't like what is being shown, and don't like that others don't like yaoi, yuri, fem-slash, slash, or shounen ai, please do not rage at them. We are free to like/dislike whatever genres as we please. There should be no need to bash those who don't agree with you. If you feel offended in any way, we kindly ask you to leave. :handshake:

3.) Please no trolling, flaming, or correcting other people's grammar to try and win a fight. It will not be condoned on this page, you will be blocked immediately if you participate in this childish behavior. :disbelief:

4.) This is simply a support group with a common interest...nothing more, nothing less. :nod:

5.) This is a SAFE environment for all non-yaoi fans and should be treated as such. There will be NO tolerance for putting others down just because they don't like yaoi, slash, yuri, fem-slash, or shounen ai. Bullying other people for their artwork is also not tolerated. People can always get better with time and practice. :thanks:

So yes, we aren't fans of yaoi, shounen ai, or slash (same thing goes for the yuri genres) and that's totally fine. :hug:

NOTICE!: We are currently constructing a competition for you guys and gals so please stay tuned! :woohoo:

Come check out our 'Current Journal Discussion'!:…

Group Info

Greetings to all! Feel free to join us if you agree, if not go ahead and browse our gallery and faves for some great artworks! :cuddle:

*If you'd like to join just press the 'request to join members' button and you're good to go! :eager:
Founded 4 Years ago
Apr 16, 2010


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Non-Yaoi Fan Support Group

276 Members
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After intense deliberation between our support group leaders we've come up with a list of the top ten names (stated in random order of course)! :dance: revised by nillemotes

We cut out ones that didn't really match her appearance but kept the others that we felt best suited her. Plus we chose a lot of the more unique names, so that when people search her name online, she will be the first link to pop up. That being said, have fun voting for her official name everyone! wink grin by nillemotes

Voting poll linked below:

*You do not need to be logged in to participate, just press the link, vote, and you're done. You may also vote more than once if you'd like. After we get a certain amount of votes we will close the poll and release our bird mascot into the world. :nod: by stuck-in-suburbia

P.S. You do not need to comment on this journal entry. Just vote and that's basically it. :D
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*If you're a yaoi, yuri, slash, etc. fan we kindly ask you to leave if you feel offended in any way. :handshake:

This is a SAFE ZONE for non-yaoi/yuri genre fans, and will be kept SAFE for our fellow Deviants. :dance:

We will not tolerate those who try and start fights on our page or are rude to the group members/watchers for not liking a GENRE. Bashing us for having a different opinion than yours WILL NOT be tolerated here! :facepalm:

If you participate in this aggressive behavior you will be blocked immediately. :hmm:

-Thank you for your understanding. :nod:
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wafflenaw Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just wanna make sure I understand correctly (Really not trying to bash here!)

You're against sexual homosexual content that's produced only for the sake of another's enjoyment. Not against homosexuality itself, but rather other people who misuses it or treats the whole sexual orientation as if it's some kind of messed up fetish.

Am I right? Cause I never did understand the difference between homosexuality and yaoi/yuri  
AEQUORIN Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Yes. That's EXACTLY it! :clap:

Yaoi/yuri fans tend to treat homosexuality as a 'fetish' and bend it to their perverted needs (usually so they can drool over the characters) and nothing else. To many of them, male characters are only used so that they can sexually exploit them, and that's it. :hmm:

That being said, we embrace real life LGBTA sexualities here (we even have gay, lesbian, asexual, etc. members here). What we don't agree with is these genres twisting homosexuality into a 'toy' of sorts so that fans can get sexually excited over two guys (or girls) getting 'hot and heavy'. 

To us homosexuals are people, NOT sex objects for others to objectify, which is what yaoi does (since it's fictional homoerotic porn aimed at straight women made by women, which is a BAD thing...since it turns homosexuality into a fetish). :/ 

So yeah, there's a significant difference between the two (the yaoi/yuri genres and real life homosexuality), and we know that difference and embrace it here. :D

Hope this clarifies things for you! 
luvdemcolors Featured By Owner 5 days ago   General Artist
We had to remove that girl AEQUORIN she was going to attack us here. She already attacked me on Promoted for stating the facts. And she kept visiting our pages, damn that bitch is CREEPY. 

You saw her too right? I mean, who agrees to such corrupt artists...really? 
AEQUORIN Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Lol, I just saw what's going on. Besides she's Premium. She has the option to opt out. :nod:  She needs to stop butting her head in this non-premium scam, it doesn't concern her. 

And did you see her homepage, that little girl is a fucking pervert! :ohnoes: 

Who has a gif of a naked person thrusting their genitals at the screen? Isn't that porn directly on her homepage? What is wrong with little girls these days...?  Eye bleeding :D 
luvdemcolors Featured By Owner 5 days ago   General Artist
I don't know buddy but I'm sure if her parents saw her porn-gifs on her page they'd slap her on the wrist with a ruler lol.  :lolplz: 
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