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LGBTQAs =/= Shallow Stereotypes <- FOR OUR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS! <3 Emoticon: Hug by KuroiRaine

Notable Activities Concerning The Actual LGBTA Community:…

*Dates for events vary per country. :D

Group Notices: <- FOR OUR NON-ENGLISH SPEAKERS! <3 :cuddle:

*First off we apply the same rules to the yuri genres, they are not exempt here. We just want to emphasize not liking yaoi, shounen ai, or slash at the forefront b/c quite frankly it's everywhere and in everything, while yuri is not. :hmm:

1.) Anti-Yaoi does not in any way, shape, or form mean 'Homophobic' or 'Anti-Gay'. There is always going to be someone to misconstrue the two. If you've ever read yaoi, slash, or shounen ai, then you'd know that they have syndromes such as enormous hands, a seme chin, uke eyes, the list goes on and on. We're pretty sure real-life gay men don't have any of those weird features as far as we know. And real-life homosexual relationships aren't always, "Oooooh, I love you kawaii desu desu sugoi!" or "Senpai~ it hurts so gewwwwd...!" :dryno: by Taimotive

No. Just, no. (ಠ_ಠ) There's a clear difference between the two. Plus, they're fictional characters within anime/manga/other media. As such, these genres relate in NO WAY to actual LGBTA people. Please know the difference. :no:

2.) For people who come visit the group and don't like what is being shown, and don't like that others don't like yaoi, yuri, fem-slash, slash, shounen ai, and other such genres, please do not bully them. We are free to like/dislike whatever genres as we please. There should be no need to rage/attack those who don't agree with you. If you feel offended in any way, we kindly ask you to leave. :handshake:

3.) Please no trolling, flaming, or correcting other people's grammar to try and win a fight. It will not be condoned on this page, you will be blocked immediately if you participate in this childish behavior. :disbelief:

4.) This is simply a support group with a common interest...nothing more, nothing less. :nod:

5.) This is a SAFE environment for all non-yaoi fans and should be treated as such. There will be NO tolerance for putting others down just because they don't like yaoi, slash, shounen-ai, m-preg, yuri, fem-slash, or shoujo ai. Bullying other people for their artwork is also not tolerated. People can always get better with time and practice. :thanks:

So yes, we aren't fans of yaoi, shounen ai, or slash (same thing goes for the yuri genres) and that's totally fine with us! :highfive: = :heart:

NOTICE!: We are currently constructing a competition for you guys and gals so please stay tuned! At the moment we are in the process of collecting prizes and points for winners! We currently have 2000 points as of November 2015! :woohoo:

Come check out our 'Current Journal Discussion'!:…

Group Info

If you'd like to join, just press the 'request to join members' button, and you're good to go. :eager:

*P.S. Please read our policies that're listed in the galleries, and on our homepage BEFORE asking to join. We will NOT accept Deviants who endorse erotic media or whom repeatedly break Deviantart policies (i.e. art theft, other forms of plagiarism, posting pornography like hentai, lolicon, shotacon, etc.) and please be aware we are against ALL sub-genres of yaoi/yuri as well (i.e. m-preg, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, etc.) as we do not support genres that turn homosexuality into a fetish for so called 'fun'. :no:

Please note that dA accounts under 1 year/have suspicious activity will be surveyed first to ensure NO troll accounts enter the group. We are very keen on spotting 'fake accounts' and do not allow fake accounts in.

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Apr 16, 2010


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Say hello to our chubby mascot Kiwi (she can be found hanging out in our demote folder)! :la:

*This video pretty much explains why some people overuse the word "homophobe". It's just like saying someone hates Hispanic people just because they don't like certain Hispanic food. Two in-congruent statements don't equal a truth. The comments on this video are pretty much gold, especially those written by actual lgbtas. :handshake:



Activities Coming Up:

*For Fall & Winter 2015-2016 we will be re-vamping the web-page. Admins will be adding new graphic changes and a meme competition to the group in the upcoming months!


We are currently waiting until we reach a certain amount of members before we release the competition. Henceforth activity will be slowed until we reach the members cap we want. 2000 points is at stake here! :0


*We now have both a group mascot (Kiwi the little bird) and new logo (which is a unity triangle).

Artists Against Stereotypes, Prejudice, & Bias in these Genres:

We believe in the gay community being represented in a realistic manner, NOT in the way the yaoi, yuri, slash, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, and other such genres treat gay it's some okay form of dehumanizing gay culture into nothing but smut for fiction purposes with unrealistically written and often times degrading and shallow plot-lines.

We do not support or believe in that here. The LGBTQA community is about ALL kinds of people like: the elderly, darker-skinned LGBTs, heavier-set gays and lesbians, and so on (which unfortunately these genres tend to ignore the COMPLETE existence of).

And real BELIEVABLE/HEALTHY types of relationships. Not the narrow box the yaoi, yuri, and slash genres paint them in like: seme, uke, bishie, bishoujo, pro-rape, pro-pedophilia, anti-female, anti-male, anti-hetero, fetishizing LGBTs based off of their appearance, misogynistic, mysandric mentalities, racist attitudes, or other negative themes. LGBTs are not your personal stereotype.

They are just regular everyday people. Seriously. Know the difference. Shallow gay stereotyping isn't helping anyone and is nothing more than the OPPOSITE of equality. :no:

dA Resources:

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Come check out some of our awesome favorites! :woohoo:


Support Group Gallery Artists



People Who Dropped By + Said Hello! (^▽^)

*If you're a yaoi, yuri, slash, m-preg, etc. fan we kindly ask you to leave if you feel offended in any way. :handshake:

This is a SAFE ZONE for non-yaoi/yuri genre fans, and will be kept SAFE for our fellow Deviants. :dance:

We will not tolerate those who try and start fights on our page, are rude to the group members/watchers for not liking a GENRE. We have a 0 tolerance policy for blatantly idiotic comments/bullying.

If you participate in this aggressive/rude behavior you will be blocked immediately.

-You have been cautioned. :salute:
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dragonwolf1775 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
my feelings on Yaoi/Yuri still remains the same, they still make me uncomfortable to look at. however I do have like... 4? gay ships that I like. but it's because they're cannon and I myself find it cute anyways. 

but a lot of the yaoi works away from my ships still make me queasy..
Chromatik-Fracture Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
I think that may because of their plot lines. A lot of them are forced and can even be sexist, appearance-biased, and pedophilic at times. :(

Even the canon yaoi, yuri, and slash ships do a lot of negative themes in their stories (ex: teacher + student and sexual abuse or brothers/fathers = incest). So even the canon ones I don't like (since they tend to spread really bad themes like mental and physical abuse and sexist themes just like hentai does). (-_-)
dragonwolf1775 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
actually the one's I ship are consensual and you know... not rapey. they all involve adult characters who love or have a crush on each other. plus they don't even have smutty relations in their story, but of course people draw it regardless. :/

I haven't seen a cannon ship that forces incest or rape or abuse... 

but even if there are ones like that, so to say, I would end up staying away, be it cannon or not. 
Chromatik-Fracture Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Maybe the ships you are supporting are not really "yaoi" then but "shounen-ai" or "shoujo-ai". :nod: Revamp 

Because yaoi is literally the explicit homoerotic version of anime and manga (which are counterparts to yuri, and hentai). :nod:

They are all part of the same sub-genres in anime containing m-rated material, however a lot of people get "shounen-ai and yaoi", or "yuri and shoujo-ai" confused:…,…

For me personally, I support neither genre because of the sexual appropriation of gay culture and people. As an lgbtqa myself, I find it super offending that writers kind of ignore our diverse culture, people, and appearances for a really narrow definition on what a gay man should look like according to a majority female author perspective. Kind of like "Memoirs of Geisha" where a Caucasian male is writing the memoirs of what an Asian woman is meant to be like.

In this same way, a woman who is "appropriating" gay culture through yaoi or slash does not actually know what being an lgbtqa male is like and visa-versa for men. My main issue is with the women and men writing these genres is that they keep spreading stereotypes based on negative themes. Like I never once see dark-skinned or ethnic lgbtqa characters being represented (there's like literally 0). And the irony of this is I am dark-skinned and ethnic lgbtqa, so it just further hits the nail in the coffin of totally biased literature... :hmm:
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Hidden by Owner
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AlexandertheMagician Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2015  Student Filmographer
Guess what? There is brilliant pro LGBT couple in this comic I checked out from the library it was called Maggie the Mechanic! I love it! ^^
AlexandertheMagician Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015  Student Filmographer
Can I ask? What do you mean by don't make their sexuality as their personality? I'm kinda confused...
AEQUORIN Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
In yaoi yuri and slash, basically the only thing that these genres tend to focus on is the characters being "gay" or over-sexualized so to speak. They don't really emphasize their life stories, the journeys they take, or any real life obstacles they encounter (other than sex or sexual themes). Basically they use being "gay" as a personality trait rather than being "human".

It's like saying that "straight" is a personality when it's not. Straight is not a personality (it's a sexual orientation), but things like "down to earth" or "people person" are personality traits. But with these genres they kind of lump all gay people into a stereotype of weak vs. strong, or whiny vs. dominator. Shoujo yuri does this too. They kind of all do this unfortunately. :shrug: 

Basically to them gay = a bunch of old and dated stereotypes. 
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